Chocolate of the Month

Chocolate of the Month Club: A Dream chocolate Christmas gift for chocolate lovers!  As chocolate of the month club goes, the two we offer are right up there with the best. 

Each chocolate club has chocolate delivery monthly, but  is run a little differently.  Make no mistake, however, both will send that special person a Christmas gift they can look forward to month after month. 

3 Sisters Chocolate of the Month

Chocolate of the MonthThe 3 Sisters Chocolate of the Month program offers a Gold Level Membership, and a Silver Level Membership.  Both levels offer a three month and six month gift program.  The difference is the cost, and the amount and variety of chocolates sent each month.  Giving the gift of chocolate monthly is a to-die-for present for chocolate lovers! 

The variety of chocolates that will be sent is tremendous: Truffles, brownies, Becca bars, chocolate covered marshmellows and potato chips, fudge, pecan barnacles, peanut butter cup, peanut brittle…  And that’s not nearly all!

The first month will arrive approximately one week after you order, so you can start your gift at Christmas!  Buy Now: Gold Membership: $124.99 or Silver Membership: $79.95 Chocolate of the Month Club

Chocolate of the Month Club

   The Chocolate of the Month Club runs for six months or 12 months.  They have 14 different plans, ranging from all truffles, to one for the Gents, to another for Vegans.  You can also build your own chocolate program. 

There is truly something for everyone in this program – never boring and always good.  It is a great way to help someone explore chocolate!  Buy Now: From $28/month to $70/month